Project:  TEMPUS UM_JEP_27184-2006 (RU)

Title:  SEXTANT "Student EXchanges of credit Transfer Assisted by New information Technologies"

Goal:  Positioning of the Russian system of Higher Education (HE) in the joint European HE Space based on the Bologna and Lisabon Declaration.

Introduce and implement new Information and Communication Technologies for the management and delivery of education in selected Russian HE institutes (e-ECTS catalogue and e-SMOSS electronic Student MObility Support System).
Creation of supporting QA mechanisms to facilitate student exchanges and improve student management services at partner institutions.

Applicant and grant holder

University College Ghent, Ghent, Belgium


Contract persons

  • Mrs. Irina Obukhova
    Deputy Head of International Relations Office MSPU, Russia
    Email: irina_obukhova@yahoo.co.uk
  • Mr. Geert Baekelandt
    International Relations Officer
    Faculty of Bussines Information and ICT
    University College Ghent
    Email: geert.baekelandt@hogent.be

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